SSL Certificate

SSL Certificates (basic) are FREE with Moose Magic!

SSL means Secure Socket Layer. A cryptographic protocol. SSL Certificates are basically a digital certificate showing ownership of a public key to decode the content.


Look for the đź”’ symbol.
It means your information is encrypted on that website.

If you do not have an SSL Certificate your address will not have the HTTP(S) protocol, it will have the HTTP protocol. The “S” at the end of the HTTPS means secure.

The entire internet is moving to HTTPS. When your site has a SSL Certificate your site will show the đź”’ symbol. If you have an medium to large eCommerce site, you might want to upgrade to the next level.

FYI: Google search will lower rankings on any website which does not have a SSL Certificate. They have been using it as a ranking signal for a few years now.

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