Load Balanced Servers

What is a “Load Balanced Server”?

  • Load balancing servers are part of a network of servers with a load balancing algorithm installed to manage demand to the “backend servers” in the network.


  • Manages Demand (Network, Storage, and Memory)
  • Allocates resources for the demand
  • Load Balancing servers are typically in pairs for redundancy
  • The architecture of the design promotes security by keeping your information on “backend servers” which are not directly accessible.

How is this different from the old server setup?

With old server setups and hosting, your site was put on a a single server with no load balancing. Which means if you had bad neighbours, you would pay for it by having:

  • Noticeably slower service
  • Frequent down times
  • More malicious attacks 


Because of how load balancing revolutionized the network server structure, you will see everyone claiming a guarantied uptime of 99%.