Cloud Hosting

What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud hosting is mainly used for scalability and computing power.

WebHosts sell it similarly to Shared Hosting which can be confusing.

Who is Cloud Hosting geared too?

  • Big eCommerce (eBay and Amazon (Heavy Computing))
  • Research (Big Data)
  • In a Growth Pattern (Scalability)
  • App Distribution (Fast Network Delivery)


  • Unlimited Memory
  • Unlimited Network Capability
  • Unlimited Computing Power
  • Scales Up with Blazing Speed
  • Scales Down with Blazing Speed
  • Variable Costs = Pay for Usage
  • No need for your own servers, server room, setup, maintenance and IT personnel (a huge savings)
  • Peak costs can be estimated

Wow! What’s the catch?

Charges will vary depending on demand because you pay for what you use.

  • Plan for peaks and valleys
  • Plan financial resources for those peaks (surprise bills)
  • Know when your setup seeks to scale up
  • Setup a scale down (save costs)
  • Setup pre-emptive packages

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Cloud Computing (Wikipedia)